About Us

We are Tora Creative works.

Tora Creative works is a creative house offers a complete set of design and production services ranging from graphic, motion, and video design.

Over the years we have worked with wide variety of clients, from start-ups to global companies, and for every project, they have two things they all share: a great concept and a powerful storytelling. It will makes your brand memorable and your message resonates with the audiences.

Witness our magic, create wonders.

Who we are

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    Tantyo S. Wibowo

    CEO/Project Director
    Tantyo has a long track record in the field of media and also in producing corporate promos both big and small brands. He produced a short film which being screened in XXI Short Film Festival and  Scream Queen Film Festival 2014 in Tokyo.

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    Aryo Wicaksono

    Head of Graphic
    Aryo is a very experienced designer who has shaped many renowned restaurants, stores, and brands into its current successful reputation. He is not only an expert in all forms of branding and printed materials, but also talented in composing music for commercials and films

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    Baswara R. Mursyid

    Head of Motion
    Baswara graduated from the University of Sunderland with master degree in motion design. He is an experienced motion designer and has worked across the pond, working for broadcast and design agencies in London and now back in Jakarta joining TCw.

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    Pradhana Nayopaya

    Head of Video
    Nayo have an impressive wide range of skills from directing, editing to animation. Having a natural flair for short films and writing a screenplay, he is proven an invaluable team member for TCw., leading on video production and post-production.